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As with most classic cocktails, their true origins are shrouded in mystery. The Southside is no different. There are multiple tales of its creation and even the most legendary living bartenders can’t agree on how it should be made or served.

From Hugo Enslinn’s 1917 Mixed Drink book to the Long Island South Side Sportsmen’s Club, few know where this century old craft cocktail really came from.

The Southside, unlike the Martini, Manhattan, or Daiquiri, didn’t survive Prohibition and never really became a household name. Today, the Southside can be found in some select corner joints and swanky speakeasies, but is still not widely known.

At The Original Southside, the story that we’re sticking with is the fun one that harkens back to 1920’s Chicago during Al Capone’s time. During Prohibition, Chicago was very much a gangland split between the north and south. The gangs of the north cornered the

high quality spirits market by smuggling it across the border from Canada. This left the south side gang with no choice but to sell locally made spirits (literally bathtub gin).

The south side’s liquor tasted awful and even made people sick. Bartenders on the south side started adding sugar, citrus, and even mint to mask its flavor and imperfections. And just like that, the “Southside” cocktail was born.

Our version of the Southside is a reinvention of the old classic, using best in class ingredients in an easy, ready-to-drink format. We obsessed over every sip so you can sit back, relax, and smile knowing that the Southside is back for good!


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