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The Original
Gin Cocktail

with a Hint of lemon and mint

Once a prohibition-era bathtub gin concoction, Southside's is a crisp take on an old classic.
With a delightful 10% ABV, The Original Southside lives on in the hearts (and mouths) of those with refined taste and a little attitude - no speakeasies or shady gangsters required.

The only time
a lemon gives
you life.

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No Artificial Colors or Sweeteners

Press & Awards:

Not just fresh.
Fresh as f*ck.

Made with all-natural, high quality ingredients, The Original Southside is a lightly sparkling gin cocktail with a twist of lemon and hint of mint. Don't just take our word for it, try one (or 4) of them for yourself.

No artificial colors or sweeteners
10% ABV
Real Cane Sugar
No Artificial Colors or Sweeteners

We think Southsides are the sh*t. But you don't have to take our word for it. See what everyone else is saying:

Note: we cannot guarantee the sobriety of reviews.

"This is my new favorite drink! It was tart, light, and so easy to drink. I love the blend of lemon and mint too - super refreshing."


"SO REFRESHING. I have always loved Southside cocktails and it's so exciting to see them in a ready-to-drink can. I will be bringing these to every party from now on."


"Love the fact that it's made with organic ingredients. So light and refreshing!"


"Insanely delicious for being 10% ABV."


"My new favorite drink. Perfect for a hot day at the beach or pool or during a round of golf. I have never been a gin drinker and still love it!"

Mike K.

"It's been a long week after ordering my ungrateful children pizza I opened my canned cocktail. That drink is on point! So delicious."


"These really hit the sweet spot between refreshing and delicious. I will definitely be ordering more!"

Charlie F.

"This ready to drink cocktail is light, refreshing, as well as packs a punch! Wasn’t a gin drinker in the past, however, this drink has changed my thinking! When I tried this RTD it was served over ice with fresh mint and lemon juice!"

Jay C.

"Had the pleasure of enjoying several of these over the New Year Holiday. Best Ready to Drink Cocktail out there. Even non-Gin drinkers need to try this. Drink Up!"


No notes! I absolutely love this drink. 


"The sweetness with the lemon is perfect!"


"The mint taste at the end is really refreshing."


"I thought The Original Southside drink was very tasty. The hint of mint added some complexity without announcing itself."


A little light drinking for your reading pleasure. Actually, let's try that again. Check out The Southside Dispatch for some light reading while you sip your drink.
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