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Written by our Founder: Meredith M.

Hello and welcome to The Original Southside! I’m thrilled to introduce you to your new soon-to-be favorite ready-to-drink cocktail (😉🍋🍸).

So, how did we get here?

As far as I can remember, my mom, Leah, has been known for her craft cocktail of the season, affectionately called “Leah’s summertime cooler.” Growing up in Oklahoma, Grand Lake was the place to be during the summer.

The sizzling summer weather demanded a chilled drink. Her summertime cooler was a mixture of whatever gin you had on hand, San Pellegrino Limonata, and fresh mint. Sneaking a sip (or two) during my teenage years made me fall for its delicious, refreshing taste.

Fast forward to college: I met my best friend in the world freshman year. I found myself spending each July with her and her family in the Hamptons. While I was there, I was introduced to a drink with similar flavor profiles to my mom’s summertime cooler and I fell back in love.

Once reacquainted with this delicious drink, and its citrusy flavor profile, I decided to develop my own version with great gin and best-in-class ingredients. We blew through GALLONS of this drink each summer.

The next morning, full of (somewhat fuzzy) memories and endless giggles, the new and improved Southside cocktail (and Goldberg’s Bagels B.E.Cs) were our hangover cure at Hot Dog beach.

This drink is my love letter to those warm summer evenings with huge belly laughs courtesy of your best friends and loved ones. It’s the quintessential cocktail to share with your favorite people, and with anyone whose taste for the good life and a good time is paramount.

The Original Southside is truly a family affair and we invite you to live your best life via our delicious drink. Whether you’re tailgating, beach-going, golfing or getting ready to celebrate something, somewhere - we are your new ready to drink cocktail of choice.


Meredith + Company

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