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After stumbling into a bathtub full of gin in 1923, Squeeze became perfectly preserved. Waking up 100 years later, in the year 2023, in the same bathtub but this time, the tub was full of a delicious mix of high-quality gin, lemon and a hint of mint.

Squeeze can’t believe how good the liquid tastes, and decides to try to sell it. Here’s a peek at Squeeze’s internet search history, both getting familiar with WTF is going on in 2023 and how to sell this crazy delicious cocktail. Squeeze’s searches give us a unique insight into the mind of a lemon on a mission… check them out below:

  • “What does “bussin’” mean”
  • “When did Prohibition end?”
  • “Is Tom Collins still alive?”
  • “How to get rid of Tom Collins”
  • “How to can liquid”
  • “Is bootlegging still illegal”
  • “How to hide from police when you are a lemon”
  • “Best jazz club 2023”
  • “Do people still dance the foxtrot”
  • “Who is “Alexa” and why does she know where I live”
  • “Why are people laughing at me when I wear a fedora”
  • “Can I make gin in my bathtub legally”
  • “Conspiracy theories: are oranges plotting against me?”
  • “How to turn people into gin-drinking lemon minions”
  • “The secret lives of lemons: uncovering the lemon illuminati?”
  • “Disguise for lemons to blend in to society”
  • “Do humans actually juice lemons”
  • “What is lemonade”
  • “How to run for president as a lemon”
  • “Explain how a car turns into a lemon”
  • “Am I a car?”
  • “Is Liz Lemon a lemon?
  • “Is Liz Lemon married?”
  • “Can a lemon propose to another Lemon?”

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