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When it comes to celebrations, whether it’s a lively party, an elegant wedding, or simply enjoying the changing seasons, The Original Southside gin cocktail is the perfect party companion. The refreshing, floral, and versatile gin blend is designed to enhance any occasion, offering a delightful mix of lemon, gin, and mint that will impress your guests and leave a lasting impression. The Original Southside has already been named one of the top drinks of the summer by Forbes, Inside Hook, and Men’s Journal. Dive in and see just how The Original Southside can spice up your events.


Having a soiree? The Original Southside is your answer to easy, delicious bartending in the comfort of your own home. Our gin cocktail is not only delicious but also easy to serve, making them ideal for any gathering. Each can of The Original Southside contains enough for 2 servings. Simply grab two of your favorite glasses (we suggest Coupes), add ice, and pour The Original Southside over the top. If you’re feeling extra fancy and want to impress your guests, garnish with a sprig of mint and a lemon wheel. Your guests will think you spent hours making this craft cocktail of the season.


Weddings are all about celebrating love and joy, and what better way to toast to the happy couple than with The Original Southside? Our sophisticated gin cocktails bring a touch of elegance to any wedding reception. Serve a Southside Royale, where the classic gin, lemon, and mint blend meets a splash of champagne, creating a festive and sparkling drink that’s perfect for toasting. The Original Southside gin cocktail cans also offer a convenient and stylish option for outdoor weddings, ensuring every guest enjoys a perfectly mixed drink.


As summer approaches, so do opportunities for outdoor fun and relaxation. The Original Southside gin cocktails are the ultimate summer refreshment. Picture yourself lounging by the pool, at a beach picnic, or during a backyard barbecue with a chilled Southside cocktail in hand. The light, citrusy notes combined with the cooling essence of mint make it the perfect drink to beat the heat. Our convenient gin cocktail cans make it easy to enjoy a premium drink anywhere, anytime, ensuring your summer is filled with effortless enjoyment.


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